This promotion shot was taken in 1966 for the Columbia Records
These Four Walls b/w Don't Hold It Against Me
recorded at Abbey Road
My father used to say "By eck, that lass can half belt out a good song"
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Here are some of the clippings in The Yorkshire Evening Post of February 1966. In the article above "Girl No 1, was Cilla Black and Girl No 2, was Julie Rodgers. These were on the pop page of The Post. There were very few girls from Leeds, who made records. I only knew two others, up until Tacy, Julie Grant and Marion Ryan, who was married to the famous Harold Davidson. He promoted just about everyone from  Sinatra to The Eagles.

Famous fella's from Leeds at that time were, Frankie Vaughan (Ableson). His family owned The Yorkshire Hut Company. The others were Ronnie Hilton, who did "Windmills in Old Amsterdam" and Paul and Barry Ryan, (Marion's sons). Barry Ryan had a hit "Elouise" They wrote "I Will Drink The Wine", for Frank Sinatra.

These days it's not The Cherokees,
it's The Kaiser Chiefs
and Chumbawumba

No shoes was the order of the day in 1966.