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The poor quality of these pictures are due to over-worked photographer at the time. Working up to his neck in water and trying to keep the screaming hoards of vermin and swans away. This gallant advocate of  "Click UK" has tried to encapsulate the mood of the day, by redeeming the to the full, the everyday "Jack the lad" attitude of these travelling troubadours, by giving them that "built in look". If you notice that all the white spots in the pictures are syncronised to Orions Belt. This technique came from years of experience, in the fields of poppies, taking pictures of Lily Bugs and Smoke Weevils.
Sonny Blacks Blues Band
One of the finest expononents of the Blues in the UK. Pete Northcott's sax playing brought tears to my eyes. No.... I hear you say "That bad", on the contrary "That good".  Sonny Black's guitar playing has brought him to the front of most of the rest, in this exceedingly large field of blues pluckers.
Sonny and Strat
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