SLOOPY's aka The Fairytales
I met these guys at The Star and Garter in 1966/67ish, although I had known Geoff and Terry since the early 60's. They were a great band, playing all their own wonderful songs. I always thought they could have got there with the right management/producer etc. They certainly influenced me.

Here is their Bio, given to me by Geoff

The Sloopy's were previously known as the Fairy Tales and were formed in late 1965 from the remnants of two Leeds groups, the Strangers and the Changeovers. The members were Frank Jackson, organ, Terry Silkstone, drums, Bob Salt, bass and Geoff Ashford, lead guitar and vocals. Geoff says  the band was formed with the sole purpose of becoming a professional and successful group. We advertised a few times for a lead singer to front the band and we auditioned a few but no-one seemed to fit. We had gigs in the book for the Christmas period so I got the job as it were.

We did all the local pubs and clubs, and managed after a while to get on to the Mecca circuit and also a few of the universities. In the June of 1966 we spent some time in Germany working on the Star Palast circuit supporting Germany's top bands like the Phantom Brothers the German Rollin Stones also the Boston show band, who's lead singer was Paul Gadd AKA Paul Raven then Garry Glitter.

In early 1967 we were offered a recording contract with C.B.S.  We had about 30 of our own songs and the idea was that we would record them all and then the company would pick out a single and twelve tracks for an album. In those days you didn't spend days in the studio, you got three hours, so recording 30 songs was going to take a while. Three or four months later we had a van with four bald tyres and an empty bank account, on top of that our producer at C.B.S.had left and the new producer didn't like us so it kind of just ended. I don't remember anyone ever saying lets break up, we just got out of the van one night and never got back in it.

Bob Salt bass         Terry Silkstone Drums     Geoff Ashford Guitar     Frank Jackson Organ
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