Pete's Photos
Howard Fullbrook
(playing a bit of Chopin)
John, Pete and John D.
(I will never turn my back on you)
John Danter
(playing some chops)
(asleep at the feel)
(in the process of elimination)
John Woollard
(singing Elvis on a bar stool)
(finger in yer ear picking)
Brian, John and Karl
(chinese whispers)
Pete Morrison
(searching for moonbeams)
(trainspotting in Hunslet,  Leeds 1967)
Brian Parrish
(fresh from the dressing room and nowhere to ego)
Crosby, Stills and Nash
(Not a Young person anywhere)
Tez Stokes
(fancying the barmaid)
Paul and John
(deep in musical integrety)
Karl Rylander 
(the smiling troubador)
NYPL and Berred in New York 1971
(outside The New York Public Library)
(before the flood)
Paul Servis
(always man of the match)
N Y P L 1968
(I loved this band to death.
They played Byrds and Buffalo better than anyone I ever saw)
Pete, John and Top
(on our way to that pot of gold)
(The last Dance)
Topper Clay
(looking for the "one")
B M W cartoon by Jackie Challenor
click on pic
Bruce and Pete
(The Benedorm Brothers just before they got pissed)
NYPL 1971
(practising their zimmer frame technique)
Don't I know You?
(a 1982 Tokai)
"Yer Drunk, Yer Drunk, Yer Silly Old Fool"
(Not many)
The one and only Tim Pinton
with his beloved 1964 Gibson J55
The Increbible Robin Williamson
(I took this picture at the West End Centre Aldershot 1987)
Me and Steve Corker 1964
(butter wouldn't melt)
Sherry, Howard, Lisa, John, Tim and some Pole
John Danter and John Woollard
Lisa and the two Johns'
My old mate The Late Great  Alan Blakely
of  The Tremeloes
(Mr Tambourine Man)
Little Big Man
(more smiles than platoon of donkeys)
Captain Russell Brown
(and his Mandolin)
Top of Page
To the Top
Eric Bibb and Me
The Feelgoods
Slaid Cleaves
Tom Russell
A birthday card from Judi. I was 19 and she and I were holding hands at the the time. She was an art student at leeds  College of Art
Georges 50th (Sam's Dad)
Spot the deliberate mistake
Me at 12
Don't ask