Pete's Photos 2
The Londoners and friends Hamburg 2008
I had the pleasure and honour of being a Londoner for one night
Live at The Downtown Bluesclub
The wonderful
Ted "Kingsize" Taylor
singing "Stupidity"
What D' I Say
Brian Top and Pete
Brian in mid-flight
Top of the form
New Londoners?
Pete and Brian
Bringing it on home
I'll say this only once
Topper sings Matchbox
Pete sings and everyone looks bemused
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Freheit Hamburg
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An outing to The Victoria Hotel, Largs, Scotland, with The Micky Kemp Band in July 2009. A very nice young lady, whose name escapes me, had the presence of mind to take these pictures, on a hot Sunday afternoon.

Tam Skinner, the owner of the hotel, is a mighty man and I reckon the best promoter in Scotland. He has run gigs on The Isle of Arran and Bute and various other places throughout this land. Will he stay in Largs? I doubt it. Tam will always be on the move.
Scotland 2009
The Glimmer Twins
Keep moving lads, I think that's Tsunami behind
Can we go now?
If you let him sing, he'll never get off
Click for photos at Weyfest 2009