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My Girl Mo

My girl Mo she's always in the know.
She grips me like a hurricane
And doesn't let me go.
My girl Mo makes it wanna grow.
Treats me like a valentine
And doesn't let it show.
Sometimes a night, we take a little trip.
Along the wild side of life
And then we skinny dip.
My girl Mo is never down or low.
She takes me up to heaven's gate and I'm her Romeo.

My Daisy May, she always likes to play.
She Kisses me all night,
But she likes to fight all day.
My Daisy May, She gets her own way.
I never get a word in edge, she has the last say.
Sometimes I wonder, What I'm a gonna do.
Next time she kisses me,
I'll say I got the flu.
My Daisy May, She says she's gonna stay.
So can I tell her honestly, I think I'm turning gay.

My Betty Sue, she hasn't got a clue.
She thinks that Poison Ivy,
Is a girl from Waterloo
My Betty Sue, she makes me black & blue.
She built just like a stevedore, she brakes my back in two.
Sometimes I feel, worthless and bereft.
She's fractured all my bones and I swear there's nothing left.
My Betty Sue's, bitten more than I can chew.
She says she wants to marry me. I'll have to say, "I do"

My shy Di, She looks me in the eye.
She says she's gonna poke em out
She makes me wanna cry.
My shy Di, is never one to pry.
But if she finds I'm cheating her, She says I'm gonna die.
Sometimes at night, I cannot find my breath.
She squeezes me so tight, I got no feeling left.
My shy Di, would never ever lie.
I wish she'd join the army now, or find some other guy.

My Lindi Lou, she tastes like honeydew.
She bites me like a crocodile
And kisses like a shrew.
My Lindi Lou is like a kangaroo.
Jumps up & down all over me,
Then sticks to me like glue.
Sometimes I feel, hopeless like a child.
She sinks her teeth inside my veins.
And drives my liver wild.
My Lindi Lou is hot as vindaloo.
She blows me like a prima stove
And sucks me up her flu.