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Go To Sleep

Go to sleep
My pretty baby
Morning sun
Dries the tears in your eyes
Laugh at the sky
Cry at the ground
What's so sad?
About standing down

What's the use of crying alone
Nobody cares
The pain on your face
Doesn't show

Mayfair West
Long way to go
Frisco Bay's
A thousand miles or more
This old oak tree
Saving my life
I've never seen
Round the other side

I've never known
A lady to love
Why should I care?
The rain in my face
Doesn't show

Oh holy Jesus
Leave me alone
I don't wanna be
A chosen One
Give me some peace
Before I go home
I just wanna die
In the place I was born

I just wanna feel
Your face in my hands
Touching your lips
Will take me to heaven

So go to sleep now
My pretty baby
Ain't no reason to see me cry
Look at the river
That came from the sky
Water of life
Will you ever
Run Dry