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My Family

well the tip of the iceberg
Mam & Dad (Phillis and Gerrard) in Leeds Irish Centre in the 1970's. This club is thriving today
Michael               Susan              Peter
Susan's  wedding at St Patricks Church, Leeds, 1968
My uncle Harry, Private Harry Cambage of The Notts and Derby's regiment (Sherwood Foresters) killed in action on The Somme 1916. Age 17yrs, he was killed one month before my mother, his sister, was born. His name can be seen on The Thiepval Memorial, France.
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Mam at the side of the River Ouse, York, just after  her 91st birthday
Mam and sister Susan
My cousin Stella on the beach at Cork, Ireland
Mams 91st birthday
Another wedding
My hero, my brother Michael
This picture was taken on my mams 96th birthday on 27th September 2012.
She died on 23rd March 2013 . My mam was born in 1916, just one month after her brother Harry, was killed on The Somme. She constantly talked about him as though she knew him, though they never met. She came from the nice factory. I think it closed down, after she was born.
My father's eldest brother,  Uncle George William Morrison age 16. Uncle William was killed on The Somme in 1918. He was 18 years old. He lays in a battlefield grave in France, not far from where was killed.
Tom and John Morrison
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