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Days Of Old

Sing a long these dangers times
The power days are undermined
No-one saw around the corner
Played down the Red Briggade
The Villains only killed another Tiger*
Lost along the border
Sing a long to some else
To steal their song
Is not to steal their thunder

For a time we strolled along
The road of only, make believe
Believing everything and every story
A turn around was dead ahead
The traffic grew and someone said
It's time to kick out all the holy glory
Sing a long to some else
To steal their song
Is not to steal their thunder

The signaller can only send
A message he's been told to send
But sometimes he can bend it on the way
Feeling round
He takes a pound of silver
Just to ask a simple question

A bullet in the air
Is always destined to be found
In someone's head
Someone said
It's got your name on
Call a cease-fire
Blew up everything in sight
And shook a fist
For Freedom

Spending power is ending our
Investigating tendencies
An instinct that is given
Free of charge
Red alert Smoke alarm
No harm done
Sold it just in time

Lost his time in Africa
Moved on to the Persian times
Never saw so many wells of fire
Himalayas cloaked in brown
Drowning out the sun
In his direction

Rules of terror
Tunes of joy
Can simultaneously annoy
Devoid of any help
And lost emotion
Children of another world
Different species
Will unfold and die

So goodbye to alibis
I'm going back
To farm my farm
I'm handing in my badge
My Armourlite
Generations growing cold
Such was my home in days of old

*Tamil Tiger