Gerrard Morrison
When Gerrard (Ginger) Morrison joined The R.A.F. Regiment after The 2nd World War
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Members of St Patrick's CYMS Club, probably on a forced, voluntary, religious retreat at Woodhall, Sheffield. The club was closed in 2002. I spent my childhood in there both as a choirboy and scout. When I became 18, I joined, to drink Vaux xxx. It had a famous boxing club, 3 snooker tables and lots of religion. Like most Catholic clubs, there was a sense of surrealism in the air. That came from Guiness and the Irish element. Sleepers Wake used to rehearse there, in the boxing club, on Saturday afternoons. It was a grand place.
My dad joined up in 1931 to the West Yorkshire Regiment. He was sent to Egypt,Palestine and India (Before Partition), for seven years where he had to endure the horrors of The Quetta Earthquake, which claimed 56,000 lives. My father's job was to pull bodies (dead and alive) out of the wreckage. He later contracted malaria. When the 2nd World War broke out, he was at Dunkirk and later at the "D" Day landings. After the war he joined The RAF Regiment. He spent 26 years in various regiments.

Gerrard (Ginger) Morrison (on the right) at Quetta in India in 1935. I think the man in between is his old pal Tich Farley. My father had a brush of red hair then hence his nickname  "Ginger" and that stayed with him till he died in 2002. He went grey when he was 30.
I haven't a clue who this lot is, but they were found in my dads photos when the family house was sold. They must be somebody
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