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6 days at The Star and Garter for 40 quid. Mind you then, I only got a tenner a week after stoppages as a chippy. They got our name wrong on the contract. Sleepers Wake, not Awake. Sleepers wake meant sleepers party.
More sad memorabilia. 2 contracts one for "The Fforde Green" and the other for "The Merrion Street Bowling Alley" Leeds
"The Wykebeck Arms" Halton Moor,East Leeds. What a pub. The landlady, Betty Rider, used to wear a chain around her ankle. She must have been about 65 then. The chain came from an earlier period in her life maybe. Ladies of the night in North Street, wore these chains. Nobody dare ask Betty about such matters as she wasn't averse to landing a bunch of fives on anyone who was "out of order".  We loved The Wykebeck Arms and Betty Rider loved us. We started playing there in 1964 as Tracy and The Zeroes. We were on home ground. East Leeds was "Our patch."
Contracts of the day for a Semi-Pro band
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