Spain 1969
I said this site is about my musical friends, but these guys are my friends from before time began. That blond bombshell  Annette in the top picture said to me. "You are the most revolting person, drunk or sober, I have ever met" She made my day.
Star and Garter 1968
Bruce (with no bins), Roger and Johnny
Lloret de Mar Spain 1969 or it may have been Tossa. I was the tosser in the bar.
Roger's wedding
Usual crew with Kev Taylor on the left
Littondale Yorkshire. The best place on the planet
   Me                                                Nick                               Johnny                 Kev (Barnes)                   Roger
Weetwood Police station bar 3rd January 1988.  Mr Bruce Jowitt's 40th
Below are the blokes that contributed to my daily nightmares. We went to college together, the bar together, the toilet together, Spain together, music venues together. The only thing we didn't do together was shag sheep. Sheep wouldn't let us. Nick, whose real name of course is John, always managed to pull lots of crumpet back then. His chat up lines were defenceless. Rumour has it, we are all still mates, whenever the time calls. And that rumour is true.
My best buddy, from when we were in the scouts and secondary school together was and still is Kev Barnes. We loved the same music. In fact, lived and breathed it. We also had the same sense of humour and taste in girls. I looked at them and Kev went out with them. Seemed like a good idea at the time. We loved the nonesense poetry of Lewis Carrol, the humour of Victor Borge, Gerrard Hoffnung and Lennon of course and always thought Edward Lear was a bit of a twat. I can still see us now, writing nonesense poetry at school. "The Driffield Prop", "The Grumble Gander". Writing nonesense freed us from the shackles of education.  Kev was also a great cartoonist.  You can read and hear Kev reciting his poem, "The Himalayas", at the bottom of the LINKS page.
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The main bloke missing from the above pictures is Mick Murphy. He was always somewhere else when the camera came out. He was even working in Lloret in 69, but the camera never caught him then. Mick, Kev  and I go back to my brief scouting days, when I was 10/11 years old. 25th North East. We had green and yellow neckerchiefs. Mick was a more qualified scout than I ever was. He's a more qualified drinker too.
Kev Barnes - My sparring partner in humour is potting a chicken in the bottom left pocket
Sue Pickering     -    Me    -    Carol Simpson    -    Mr David Bower at a CSN&Y concert
Wembley Arena 1974. 
Roundhay Park Leeds 1975ish
   Me         Roger's sister       Sue Pickering(middle)    Barbara Carey  Roger Carey
Suzanne Williams 1978
A very rare sight. Colin Webb with an empty glass
David Bower and Brian Parrish in some London studio about 88. Listening to some musical Protégé
Brian, John and myself at a session. John is not amused  I took the picture
Topper and Duggo (Who's that girl?) Probably Mission Control
Mrs Julie Pilcher and the late great Alan Blakely shasheening around the room at Adderbury House
Hungerford Bridge, London and me on my way to Somerset House to gaze at The Blue Nile
This was a 50years anniversary of us all starting  college together in 1963/64 and all of being 65 this year. We were going into The Queens Arms at Litton, Littondale. The finest drinking house on the planet. (Well it was in 1966) There is no picture of us coming out. Not one that could be printed anyway.  The picture below is after 10 minutes
On Denis's farm Litton on a 50th anniversary. Denis' eldest son, Stewart, is in the middle.
My old mate Kevin Barnes and I took pride in placing these signs in all manor of places, from churches, pubs, chinese restaurants. We even put one on the noticeboard of Whitby police station. This is a scan from an original.