Pete's Audio
Rollin' Wheelbarrow

Richard Sang The Blues

Losing Sight

Dispassionate Soldier


Diamond Ring


Murphy's Law

Warm and Tender

Old World

The Vale of Kerrynough

Nothin' Going Right

Red Guitar

Go To Sleep

Recorded at Sprinkle Sound on analogue 8 track

Angels Crying


The Garden of Adam

In This Place

The Scene of the Crime

Is There Anything

She Was The Maiden

Business Hours

Where Did We Lose All These Years Years

You Don't Ever Let It Show

The Long Summer of Love

Such Was My Home in Days of Old

Recorded at Sprinkle Sound and Sniff n Break Studio on Sonar and Logic Audio
Sprinkle Sound P Morrison
Sniff n Break Ali Edwards

Play With Lions

Like The Fools That We Are

Bless These Children (Bill Boazman)

Looking Back

The River Waits For No Man (Bill Boazman)

Sergeant Farmer

Still I'm Needing You

The Ballad of Charlie Daniels (Bill Boazman)

Either Way it Doesn't Matter

Who am I To Fall in Love

Baby Black

It's All That I Can do to Face Tomorrow

Madison Square

The Worm Forgives The Plough (Bill Boazman)

Recorded at Sun Studio, Reading

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John Woollard lead vocals
Dallas lead vocals
From the album Profit A Man
From the album Profit A Man
From the BMW  album
From The Lion To The Plough
From the album
The Powers That Be
From the NYPL album
The Holly and The Library
Brian Parrish lead vocals
From the NYPL album
Anthologically Speaking
John Woollard lead vocals
City Streets, Lady India and The Hands of a Friend
recorded at Frensham Vale Studio, 1985/8ish. BMW -  vocals, Tez Stokes - lead  guitars, synths and drum program, Pete Morrison - guitars. Russell Brown - Bass.

Saturday Night  and  You Don't Listen
recorded at David Mindels Studio, Greek Street, London, 1979.  Chuck - drums, John Danter - lead guitars, Dave Bower - Bass, Pete Morrison - guitars, BMW - vocals

Parting Song and  My Girl Mo
recorded at Sniff n Break Studio, Farnham, 2006. "My Girl Mo" NYPL + Simon Callow on keys, "Parting Song", Dallas - lead Vocals, Pete Morrison - guitars, Russ Brown - bass, Lofty Reng - pedal steel,  Ali Edwards - drums, keyboards and enginneer

Go To SleepDays of Old (inspired by "The Iron Stone" by the great Robin Williamson and performed by The Incredible String Band) and  The Vale of Kerrynough
recorded at Sprinkle Sound, Farnham, 1996, All instruments and vocals - Pete Morrison

Raining in my Heart -  NYPL
recorded at  Central Sound, Denmark Street, London, November, 1969, Engineer and piano Andy Curtis, lead vocals - Brian Parrish, lead guitar - Pete Morrison, guitars and vocals - Tez Stokes, Bass and vocals - David Bower, Drums - Topper, String arrangement - Mike Batt. Backing vocals - Sue and Sunny.

Play With Lions - BMW
recorded at Sun Studio, Reading, 1977. All instruments and vocals -  BMW

From the moment we are born til' the day we die, we are subject to the powers that be.

...The Powers That Be have been embedded in the human condition since Adam bit the apple. They take on many forms.

Power over life and death.  Power of the mind and the power of the heart.  The power of war to gain power over people. The power of law and order and the power of anarchy.
The power of wealth and the power of sacrifice. The power of light and the power darkness. The power of emotions and the power of faith anf hope. The power of giving, the power greed. The power of hype. The power of the heavens and the power of the planet. The power of truth and the power of lies. The power of youth and the power of the wise. The power of the believer and the power of the agnostic.

We are affected by The Powers That Be, whether we are powerful or lack power. The powers that be are responsible for the patterns of our daily lives.

They say "Absolute power brings absolute corruption", but without power they would be no  function. No Movement or motion. No life. The world would be a poorer place without the power of music, humour and art.

If you can overcome, overwhelm or undermine The Powers That Be, then you must be God or Satan... or maybe both. We've never known the true power of freedom, only the cost.

Maybe Adam experienced it before he bit the apple

Peter Morrison  1976 Gibson J160E Custom guitar,harmonica  mandolin, lead vocals
David Bower    1975 Guild D25 and a Mouraints 12 string  guitar, Rickenbacker bass and Vocals
John Kirby Woollard, Lead vocals
Howard Fullbrook, 1972 Guild D40  'Bluegrass Jamboree'  guitar and fiddle.
Tim Pinton, accordion
Simon Spratley, piano

Bill Boazman 1965 Gibson J45 guitar, lead vocals on his own songs
All songs written by P Morrison

All instruments on Profit a Man and Powers That Be, played by P Morrison except bass on Rollin' Wheelbarrow,  Shadowland,Angels Crying,  Is There Anything, She Was The Maiden, Don't Ever Let It Show, The Long Summer of Love, played by Captain Russel Brown.
Ali Edwards played Drums and Accordion on Maiden and Summer of Love. These two tracks were also recorded at Sniff n Break Studio, Farnham Surrey, UK

All vocals  on Profit a Man and The Powers That Be, P Morrison
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Gabriel's Request  /  Merlin's Revenge

Gordon's Dry Jig

Mandolo Gigolo

Mariners Medley :- There's a Big Ship Sailing (on the illy ally oo) 
I Saw 3 Ships Go Sailing By
The Mermaid 
Goodbye O'Ship O'Mine/
When Ship Comes In

Giraffia Matt's Slow Train to Stumpton

Am Bana Be Off For a Dance / Yer Dinnas in the Dog

The Giraffe With the Mustard Nose

O'Flattery's Cattery / Fr. Banjo's Confessional Box

Giraffa Cake

Georges Little Thingamajig / Big Man Kalamazoo Sam
All songs written by Peter Morrison except :- There's a Big Ship, I Saw 3 Ships,
The Mermaid, Goodbye O'Ship O'Mine (Trad)
Instruments played :- Fylde Octave Mandola, Martin D28, Epiphone Masterbilt AJ500M, Charles Dobson USA ladies banjo circa 1888, English ukulele banjo circa 1910,
Epiphone F Mandolin,Tonewood Bouzouki, Sitar,  Deering Tenor Banjo,
Various harmonicas, Epiphone Casino, Aria Pro bass

Hopefully it was made for people to dance

Recorded on Sonar Platinum in Sprinkle Studio 2017